07 October 2022


Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion)
Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion, บ้านไต้แสงจันทร์)
is one of four houses on the Baan Sammi property that are available for rent.
Rental availability: → BAAN SAMMI NATURE RETREAT


Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion): a little 3-storey house, 1 bedroom (fan), 1 bathroom, standard occupation 1 person, max. 2 people, interior 218 ft² (20 m²), furnished, WiFi, private garden, plus community garden with a large natural swimming pond.

If you are interested in renting, please contact Baan Sammi via Facebook Messenger, email at baansammi@gmx.net, or use the Contact Form on the sidebar or at the end of this website. More detailed contact information can be found on the Contact Page of this website.


2.1 — SITE: Within the Baan Sammi property, Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) is located on the elevated ground adjacent to the western bank of the large natural swimming pond. On the map below, Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion is highlighted in deep red, with the private garden area in pea green. The living area of the lowermost floor is oriented to the east, providing beautiful views over much of the large natural pond, and is perfectly quiet. The veranda of the uppermost floor, as well as the seating area on the staircase platform, provide panoramic views. In the west, sunsets over the mountains Doi Suthep – Doi Pui, next to Chiang Mai city, can be admired. The seating area of the intermediate floor is oriented to the east, thus providing views of the large natural pond. The private garden area extends to the north and south, and there is a pathway along the western side of the pavilion.

The location of Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) within the property of Baan Sammi

2.2 — SIZE OF PRIVATE LIVING AREA: The interior area is 218 ft² (20 m²), plus open spaced living area ca. 376 ft² (35 m²), plus private garden area of approximately 120 yd² (100 m²).

2.2.1 — Interior area: room sizes: Living room 15.4 ft × 6.1 ft = 94 ft² (4.7 m × 1.85 m = 8.7 m²); bedroom 10.8 ft × 5.7 ft = 62 ft² (3.3 m × 1.75 m = 5.8 m²); bathroom 8.2 ft × 7.5 ft = 62 ft² (2.5 m × 2.3 m = 5.8 m²); detached laundry hut 6.9 ft × 4.6 ft = 32 ft² (2.1 m × 1.4 m = 2.9 m²).

2.2.2 — Open spaced living area (roofed, not screened) ca. 150 ft² (14 m²), plus an uppermost veranda ca. 226 ft² (21 m²).

2.2.3 — Private garden ca. 120 yd² (100 m²): Includes a seating area ca. 43 ft² (4 m²), deck ca. 65 ft² (6 m²), terrace ca. 65 ft² (6 m²), patios and a staircase dock.

2.3 — CAPACITY: Designed and ideal for a single person (standard occupancy), may be suitable for a couple, maximum occupancy of 2 people.

Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) and pathway, view from the south

2.4 — BUILDINGS: A small concrete/brick bungalow with a wooden 2-storey pavilion or stilt house on top, thus comprising 3 storeys altogether, connected by a wooden outdoor staircase; built 2006–2008. The bungalow has full daylight and is with a deck attached. The second storey is a veranda with a railing around it, the third storey comprises one room surrounded by a further veranda with panoramic views. The living and dining room floor is made of tiles, the floor of the second story is concrete, and the floor of the bathroom is made of concrete with a non-slip surface (resin-bonded fine gravel surface). The ceiling of the uppermost room is insulated against heat with a thermal insulation film and has openings for air circulation. The ground floor bathroom, separate and with brick walls, is an integrated part of the staircase construction. The stairway platform can be used as a seating area. Windows, doors, and other openings are protected by mosquito screens. The laundry hut is detached, which contains a washing machine, a water tank, a constant pressure water pump, and some storage space.

Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion):
Veranda (top left), bedroom (top right), kitchen and living room (bottom left), bathroom (bottom right)
More photos in the → Album

2.5 — ROOMS AND OTHER SPACES: The building comprises a bedroom (on the uppermost floor), a living and dining room with an integrated kitchen (on the lowermost floor), a bathroom (on the ground floor), and several open-spaced roofed and unroofed living areas. All rooms are protected against mosquitoes.
• Uppermost floor: bedroom, with a wall fan; surrounded by an open-spaced roofed veranda.
• Intermediate floor: an open-spaced roofed living area, with a wall fan.
• Lowermost floor: living and dining room, with a table fan; the small kitchen with an electric double hot plate or single induction hob, microwave, refrigerator 47 × 55 × 45 cm (19 × 22 × 18 in), and sink; the deck in front of the room.
• Ground floor: bathroom, with hot shower (gas), hand wash basin, and a western-type toilet; the top of the bathroom is a stairway platform.
• Detached building: the nearby laundry hut with an automatic washing machine (Samsung, top loader, load 10 kg).

• Bedroom: with a queen-size bed with a mattress (5 × 6.5 ft = 152 × 200 cm), shelves.
• Open-spaced roofed living area: table, chairs, and an easy chair.
• Living and dining room: a table and chairs, chest of drawers; can be equipped with a laptop-friendly workspace upon request. There is a small built-in room safe (interior size 18 × 30 × 18.5 cm = 7.1 × 11.8 × 7.3 in, door size 14.4 × 21 cm = 5.7 × 8.3 in).
• Stairway platform: can be furnished with a small outdoor table, 1–2 outdoor chairs, and a parasol.

2.7 — PRIVATE GARDEN: In the above map, the privately used garden area is shown in pea green color. This private garden area is in front of the building along the bank of the large natural pond and extends northwards and southwards. There are shady and sunny areas for recreation. From the deck in front of the building, as well as from every storey of the building, you can pleasantly oversee much of the natural pond and community garden. Access to the large natural pond for swimming and boating is via a concrete staircase dock next to the deck.

2.8 — COMMUNITY GARDEN: In the above map, the large community garden area is shown in light bluish green color. The garden can be used by tenants and guests for relaxation and is accessible via walkways and a driveway. It includes a large natural swimming pond, several smaller ponds and ditches with some bridges, and a hexagonal gazebo between two small ponds. Tall trees and bamboo provide many shady areas. You can also find wild edible herbaceous plants in the garden, and fruit trees, among them mango, papaya, lemon tree, pomelo, star fruit, sapodilla, mulberry, and climbers like passion fruit (maracujá). Delicious fresh bamboo shoots can be harvested several months a year. The large pond is 300 ft (90 m) long and 23 ft (7 m) deep and can be used for swimming (not bathing), boating, and occasional fishing. There are also several planter beds where tenants can grow their vegetables and herbs.

The moon is reflected in the large pond
(the location where the photo was taken is the Moonlight Pavilion in October)
More photos in the → Album

2.9 — PARKING: Car parking spaces as well as roofed motorbike and bicycle parking lots are available. A roofed car parking space, if it is not already in use, can be booked in advance.

2.10 — HOUSE INFRASTRUCTURE: Electricity (220 V); laying of electrical cables on the property underground and flush-mounted in buildings. Gas tank (33 lb = 15 kg), for the shower hot water heater. Village tap water (drinkable) with a storage tank (185 gal US = 154 gal UK = 700 l) and a constant pressure water pump.

2.10a — HOUSE INFRASTRUCTURE: INTERNET: Free and unlimited 3BB Wi-Fi Internet (4G) for the Baan Sammi community throughout the entire property area (private LAN/Wi-Fi at extra cost). Download speed, upload speed, and prices are as follows:
• Moonlight Pavilion (ground floor), 3BB Wi-Fi, 8-13(18) Mb/s, 4-6(21) Mb/s, 0 ฿.
• Moonlight Pavilion (2nd floor), 3BB Wi-Fi, 16-18(20) Mb/s, 17-19(23) Mb/s, 0 ฿.
• Moonlight Pavilion (3rd floor), 3BB Wi-Fi, 16-17(19) Mb/s, 12-17(22) Mb/s, 0 ฿.
• Optional: Private Wi-Fi from AIS, true, or dtac, high or maximum speed, prepaid 320–748 ฿/month.
• Clerodendrum Chalet (outdoor community seating area), 3BB Wi-Fi, 38-43 Mb/s, 26-42 MB/s, 0 ฿.
• Clerodendrum Chalet, optional and temporary: 3BB LAN, ≤95 Mb/s, ≤95 Mb/s, 0 ฿.

• For this house, the standard or basic household appliances and equipment that are present or will be made available, and at no extra cost, are the following: electric hot plate (usually a double hot plate), microwave, refrigerator, hot water kettle, cooking pots, pan, plates, cups, bowls, cutlery, drinking glasses, and a fan.
• Other appliances and equipment are optionally available and are usually provided at no extra cost, but their availability is subject to prior negotiations and must be mutually agreed upon: teapot, coffee pot, coffee machine, toaster, rice cooker, electric grill, countertop blender, immersion blender, and similar special kitchen utensils; iron and ironing board, clothes horse, hair dryer.
• Bedlinen, blankets, pillows, pillowcases, and towels are permanently available to short-term tenants (1–3 months). For long-term tenants (more than three months), however, a special agreement is required.

2.12 — HOUSE SERVICES EXTERNALLY OFFERED (OPTIONAL): Upon request, Khun Sam will assist you in ordering the following services.
• Delivery services for groceries and beverages by department stores e.g., Lotus's, BigC, Tops, Rimping, Makro are available online and daily.
• Delivery services for ready meals (Thai, Western) from numerous restaurants, carried out by FoodPanda, GrabFood, and MealsOnWheels4U and available online 7 days per week. Miw's Home Cooking offers a delivery service for its deep-frozen Thai ready meals.
• Delivery services for drinking water in bottles and tanks by water supply companies.
• Room cleaning and housekeeping services by maids from nearby villages.
• Cleaning and maintenance of the private garden area by a gardener.

3 — RENTAL RATES AND TERMS: Detailed price information for all 4 houses can be found on the blog → Special Rental Offers.


Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) as seen from the opposite bank of the pond
More photos can be viewed online:

4.1 — More than 50 photos of Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) and its private garden area can be viewed online in the → Album Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) – Baan Sammi. The Album also includes some videos of Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion, a floor plan, and some maps.

4.2 — Numerous photos of the community area can be viewed in the → Album Impressions of the Garden of Baan Sammi Nature Retreat, with Bambusetum Baan Sammi.

4.3 — Numerous photos of the entire Baan Sammi property can be viewed in the → Album Impressions of the Property – Baan Sammi Nature Retreat and Bambusetum.

5 — LOCATION: 10 mi (15 km) northeast of the city of Chiang Mai, or 11 mi (18 km) to the Tha Phae Gate, or 4 mi (7 km) to the Doi Saket district center, in the non-touristy countryside, between two villages, Ban Pa Tio and Ban Pa Yang Poi, within a fenced, quiet and secure 1.7 acres (7,000 m², or 4 rai) private property with park-like natural garden and a few houses.

The main route from Baan Sammi to the old city of Chiang Mai

Baan Sammi and its vicinity

5.1 — HOW TO FIND BAAN SAMMI? GOOGLE MAPS: You can easily find the location on Google Maps by searching "Baan Sammi", or "Baan Sammi Nature Retreat", or "บ้านแซมมี", or "สวนไผ่บ้านแซมมี".
→ Baan Sammi

5.2 — VARIOUS OTHER METHODS TO FIND BAAN SAMMI are described in detail on the website How to Find Baan Sammi ...

5.3 - STREET VIEW: The property of Baan Sammi is partially bordered by a road with little traffic connecting two villages: Ban Pa Tio to the north and Ban Pa Yang Poi to the south. There are two entrance gates on this road. Google's street view actually shows these two gates, easily recognizable as they are part of the distinctive wooden fence: → street view of the main entrance gate (Gate 1) of Baan Sammi and → street view of the second entrance gate.

5.4 — STREET VIEW OF THE HOUSE: There is not a good street view of the house from the street simply because the house does not border a public road. The house is accessed via a private driveway and pathway which together are approximately 50 m long.

5.5 — MAP VIEW (BIRD'S EYE VIEW): The best available map showing the building is Google Maps with the following coordinates:
Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) 18.83581, 99.10770

6 — TRANSPORTATION: Public transportation is accessible from the street adjacent to the property of Baan Sammi; the fare to Chiang Mai is 60 Baht/person (Sep. 2022). An app-based car-sharing and motorbike-sharing service to and from Baan Sammi is offered by Grab; the booking is easy and the prices are lower than taxi fees. Private transportation with a rented car, motorbike, scooter, or bicycle can be arranged; details on companies that rent vehicles can be provided.

6.1 — PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION VS. PUBLIC / SEMI-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: A privately used car or motorbike is recommended but usually not needed. Distance to the Super Highway (#11, intersection 'San Dek'): 14.4 km or 9.0 mi, or 24 min by car. Distance to the Tha Phae Gate of the old city: 18.4 km or 11.5 mi, or 40 min by car. Public transportation (saleng, song-thaeo, bus) is cheap but time-consuming. The Grab service (GrabCar, GrabBike) is the most convenient, reliable, inexpensive, and preferred mode of transportation if you don't want to drive a vehicle by yourself, and if you don't need to go to the city of Chiang Mai every day.

6.2 — DETAILED INFORMATION: Website Public and Private Transportation in Chiang Mai; it includes all information about your transportation needs in Chiang Mai and its vicinity, also route maps and distances.

7 — VISITS AND INSPECTIONS: The exterior of Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) and the entire Baan Sammi property can be visited and inspected any day during the daytime. The interior of any of the houses can only be inspected if there are no tenants living in the house. You are kindly requested to give at least a 1-day prior notice of your visit (written online message, but no SMS and no call).

8 — SUITABILITY OF TAI SAENG CHAN PAVILION (MOONLIGHT PAVILION): This home is best suited for a single person, or a couple, who likes nature and an inspiring tranquil environment e.g., the elderly, retirees, writers, artists, digital nomads, or people on long-stay vacation, and sabbatical leave, for employees working in the east, northeast, or southeast of Chiang Mai, or merely as a retreat on weekends for people working and living in the city.

8.1 — PETS: Baan Sammi property is pet-friendly. 1 male dog and currently approximately 5 cats (4 female, 1 male) live on the property outdoors. However, our dog does not allow any other dogs in its territory, whether male or female, large or small. Therefore and unfortunately, guests with their own dogs cannot be accommodated. Guests with their own cats are advised to find out, prior to their rental commitment, if their cats get along with the existing pets.

8.2 — CHILDREN: The entire Baan Sammi property is generally not suitable for children below the age of 12 years.

8.3 — ELDERLY: There are stairs in the Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion. Therefore, this home might not be suitable for the elderly or people with walking disabilities.

8.4 — DISABLED: Accessibility by wheelchair is not possible.

9 — OTHER INFORMATION: Generally, a single or a few minor and small pieces of furniture can be removed or replaced with other furniture independent of the length of the tenant's rental commitment, and usually at no extra cost.


10.1 — The main website of Baan Sammi contains a comprehensive list of links to relevant websites.

10.2 — If you are interested in buying or a 30-year lease please request specific information. The prices depend on the number of buildings and type of buildings as well as the size of the plot. Property division plans are available and can be submitted with options for approximately 10 different property lines and plot sizes.